The new Action Network logo

For a decade now, Action Network has powered our movement’s largest and most influential mobilizations, from the Black Friday Walmart Strikes and the Keystone XL Pipeline protests to the Women’s March and the Biden 2020 campaign. We’ve grown from a scrappy startup into an integral part of the progressive tech ecosystem, building powerful email, mobile messaging, fundraising, and organizing tools hand-in-hand with the folks in our movement who use them every day. Through all that growth, we’ve kept the same branding, colors, and logo we had in 2013… until now!

Why are we changing?

This rebrand is about owning our role as our movement’s premier technology provider, powering you to build a fairer, more just world. It’s also about reflecting our partner-driven cooperative development model that puts our progressive partners at the center of everything we do.

The new homepage for

Reminder: You won’t see this page if you’re logged into your Action Network account! Instead, will take you straight to your Action Network dashboard.

What’s changing?

We’ve upgraded the logos for Action Network and Action Builder, adopted new colors for our unified brand, and updated our typefaces and styles. For now, you’ll only see these changes on our homepage, Get Started page, Events & Trainings page, and a few others. The pages you see while you’re logged into Action Network are staying the same (for now!).

The new logo for Action Builder, our powerful, mobile-first organizing tool built by organizers, for organizers.

What isn’t changing?

Nothing will change about the ways Action Network and Action Builder function. We’re still rolling out powerful new features on Action Network and Action Builder through our technology roadmap, developed cooperatively with the AFL-CIO, Daily Kos, the Democratic National Committee, and the Canadian Labour Congress. The toolsets, pricing, partnerships, and support will all remain the same.

Read more about our unique cooperative development process here:

Fun (and helpful!) new resources to check out on the new website:

The new Action Network Blog, featuring partner profiles, feature updates, best practices guides, and much more:

Our new Events & Trainings page, including our monthly training series, special, one-off webinars, conference appearances, and more:

Toolset recommendations based on organization type, including nonprofits, large national organizations, political campaigns, and more.

To all of our partners, whether you’ve been with us for 10 years or 10 days, we hope you’re as excited for this new logo and branding as we are! Thank you for supporting movement-owned, movement-built technology.