The List View of the Wall Chart in Action Builder.

We truly believe the Action Builder & Action Network integration we recently released will change the game for our movement.

Organizations can use this integration to quickly move their amazing online activists into our organizing platform Action Builder. Someone RSVPs for an event or signs up to volunteer? You can now use Action Builder to quickly give them a call and have the one-on-ones and follow ups to build a strong, deeply rooted organization that can leverage the power of people for good.

Just as importantly, organizers who are having those conversations can add important data points (the issues someone cares about or the next training they should receive!) and have that information appear in Action Network to help you tailor emails and mobile messages.

Now, moving data from Action Builder to Action Network has become even more powerful with our latest deploy, allowing you to kick off a ladder of automated mobile messages and emails using Action Network tags.

Imagine you’re an organizer looking to drive attendance to an upcoming event. Just add a response ‘RSVP for Training 101’ in Action Builder, and you can kick off a series of mobile messages that start a couple hours later:

“Thank you for RSVPing for our upcoming training! Can you confirm that you can attend 9/13/2021 at 4pm via our zoom link? Reply YES to confirm!”

Depending on the response to that text, you can give different reminders and messages via text and email, doing automated confirmation messages via multiple channels to help you drive up attendance. Our ladders tool is easy to use (read more here!) and can save you time and energy.

Whether someone confirms can flow back to Action Builder, so your phone confirmation calls can be targeted to the people who have not already confirmed 2 or 3 times that they definitely will attend.

A diagram showing a mobilize-to-organize pipeline using Action Network & Action Builder.
An example of a mobilize-to-organize pipeline using Action Network and Action Builder.

Here at Action Network & Action Builder, our sole motivation is to help make your programs more effective. We are a never-for-profit organization devoted to helping this movement affect change. With new features like this, prioritized through our cooperative development process, we are excited to partner with you to help you do more work, better.

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