Here at Action Builder & Action Network, we build our tools through a cooperative development process, hand-in-hand with the organizers who use them everyday to build progressive power. We’re always focused on how we can make our organizing tools more powerful and even easier to use, which is why we’re so excited about our newest features on Action Builder: a person-level activity stream, note search, and complex filters.

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The Person-Level Activity Stream will show every update made to a person’s profile, including assessment changes, tags, address changes, and more. Similar to the Activity Feed on the campaign level, the Person-Level Activity Feed helps you keep tabs on each individual person in your campaign.

An image of Liz Rilley, Organizing Data Strategist at the AFL-CIO, next to the quote: “The person-level activity stream will show me changes in assessments and what happened on or near the date of an assessment change. If I have a week where a bunch of my twos turn to threes, and that’s the same week that the boss is having captive audience meetings, I know I have to start talking to people and do more inoculation. That’s the kind of additional information that gives us a strategic edge.”

Note Search allows you to search for notes via the Campaign Activity Stream or the Person-Level Activity Stream that were applied to a person in your campaign. Look for mentions of workplace issues, locate and pull up the notes from a specific conversation, or remind yourself of a detail you picked up from a house visit months or weeks ago.

An image of Tim Zhu, Senior Data Specialist at CWA, next to the quote: “Notes tell a story about what a worker is all about. Before, you’d have to scroll through the notes until you found the one you’re looking for. Now you can search for the note and find it right away.”

Complex Filters allow you to link together groups of query filters using logic such as ‘AND’ and ‘OR’. Now, you will be able to ask more detailed questions about your data and quickly and easily get the answers you need within Action Builder.

An image of Phil Harding, Organizing Data and Database Manager at UAW, next to the quote: “Complex Filters allow us to answer way more questions in Action Builder — like orders of magnitude more. It opens up a lot of possibilities. Now we can use complex filters to pull the data we need on the fly.”

Thank you to Phil, Liz, and Tim for sharing your thoughts on these game changing Action Builder features!

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