Three clocks on a wall displaying different time zones.
Image via Vince Veras on Unsplash

Tons of progressive organizations are now using mobile messaging in addition to email to engage their supporters. Combining email and mobile outreach is a great way to increase engagement and get your activists to action, BUT, it’s important to keep in mind that mobile messages and emails are two different media.

For example:

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See the difference?

This is why we created the ability to send a mobile message (or an email) in your activists’ local time!

You can schedule your mobile messages to arrive at an appropriate time for your activists — say, 9am local time, ensuring that activists don’t receive 3am texts. You’ll see this option when you click to schedule a mobile message or an email on the preview and send page!

A screenshot of the Targeting page for a mobile message on Action Network displaying the option to send the message by time zone.
Choose ‘Send by time zone’ to send your message at the same local time, everywhere.

Check out our monthly 104: Mobile Messaging training to see this feature in action, or sign up to start using Mobile Messaging here. You can also dig into the help docs to learn more.

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