Courtney Blake Sims, third from left, poses with other Mothering Justice volunteers at an event

In the spirit of Women’s History Month in March, we had the privilege of chatting with Courtney Blake-Sims, the dynamic Lead Political Organizer at Mothering Justice. As an Action Network partner, they are a group that epitomizes the power of collective endeavors that propel transformative change. Through our conversation we learned more about how Courtney is carving her way to meaningful policy reform with grace and determination.

Under Courtney’s guidance, Mothering Justice has evolved into a formidable force, championing the cause of Black mothers and their families across multiple cities. The organization’s mission, as Courtney puts it, is to “center the voices of moms of color.” This goal is pursued through various impactful avenues, including the deployment of fellows—called Mamavists—in collaboration with members of the Congressional Caucus across states.

“Our organization hosts what we call our fellows — or our Mamavists — in other states.”

Mothering Justice’s work transcends advocacy, fostering deep connections, education, and mutual aid among its members. A testament to their strategic acumen is the establishment of the Congressional Mamas Caucus, spearheaded by Rashida Tlaib. This initiative seeks to coalesce a broad spectrum of maternal concerns, ranging from basic necessities and affordable childcare to reproductive justice and voting rights.

“We have started a Congressional Mamas Caucus by way of Rashida Tlaib, who is one of our congressional members, to align all of our mama agenda issues.”

Four Mamavists posing at an event wearing shirts that say 'Mamas v. Injustice' and 'Mothering Justice'

At the heart of Mothering Justice’s strategy is the innovative application of technology. Tools like Action Builder play a pivotal role in grassroots canvassing and nurturing community ties. Moreover, their status as Action Network power users enables them to engage with a vast network of activists, amplifying the voices of mothers of color. Courtney’s ambition for a digitally streamlined advocacy process is indicative of the organization’s forward-thinking ethos.

Courtney’s own journey to Mothering Justice is nothing short of inspiring. During the introspection prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, she discovered her true calling, transitioning from the arts and entertainment industry to become a key figure in political advocacy.

“I really started to think about what things I would want to do, and the opportunity came for me to work for Mothering Justice as a canvasser… I really believe in our mission and the things we’re doing for moms.”

Looking ahead, Mothering Justice remains steadfast in its mission to empower from the ground up, educating its community on critical issues and harnessing that knowledge to advance change. Courtney’s thought partnership is instrumental in navigating the organization towards achieving its vision, underscoring the importance of issue-focused mobilization to unite and build progressive power. The journey of Mothering Justice is a testament to the effectiveness of grassroots activism, especially when led by and for women of color. By championing the rights and voices of mothers of color, Mothering Justice isn’t just making a statement—it’s catalyzing a movement poised to reshape the future for families nationwide.

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