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Every campaigner knows the rhythm:

Your organization gets a burst of energy — maybe because your issue becomes a hot topic, or something else focuses attention on your particular organization — and you mobilize a larger group of people than ever before. Action Network tools — including our mass mobile messaging tool — were built for that moment, to be able to rapidly turn that energy into big events, more small donors, and more people writing letters to elected officials.

Then the energy dissipates, and focus turns elsewhere. Ideally, you’d take this time to build deeper connections with your supporters, to develop leaders among your activists, to foster stronger relationships. In short, to organize. For years, our movement has struggled to do this at scale. Our Action Builder tools were built for this crucial part of the engagement cycle, making it easy and attainable to build the deep rooted power we need to make change.

To date our two tools, Action Network and Action Builder, have existed in tandem, but apart. But to get our power building to the next level, we need to marry the two, so you can take a full spectrum approach to engaging with people.

Mobilization+organizing, with each building on each other and strengthening your organization.

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At Action Network and Action Builder, we believe that this united powerbuilding model is the most effective way to grow sustainable, durable, and impactful organizations. Mass mobilization events like marches and rallies bring in brand new activists who are fired up about your issue. After the event, time-tested organizing tactics like one-on-ones, assessments, and wall charts help you to identify and develop leaders who can take on the work of building your organization and growing your reach. Next time, you’ll turn out even more activists and empower more organizers to develop leaders from that new group of activists.

This holistic mobilizing-to-organizing approach will build a stronger, more impactful, and more sustainable progressive movement. We are dedicated to building the tools that organizations large and small can use to create this seamless powerbuilding model.

Through our cooperative development model, in which we build tools hand-in-hand with activists and organizers, we’ve built a brand new way to integrate your mobilizing and organizing programs, all through our powerful, premier tools for progressives.

The Action Network and Action Builder logos joined together as a banner image.

You’ll hear more about this huge new release next week. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, I strongly recommend joining one of our live Action Builder demos for a sneak peak into this upcoming feature. Click here to learn more and RSVP for our next Action Builder demo.