Photo by Tiffany Tertipes on Unsplash

We’ve just made it much, much easier for you to send personalized emails and mobile messages to your activists! With Personalization Datasets, you can now relate content (like absentee voting information) to a field (like state) and output that content in an email, mobile message, or ladder using a clip that we create for you (automatically!).

It might sound complicated, but it’s actually a huge shortcut for larger, sophisticated programs. Here’s an example of how a GOTV organization could start using this new feature to provide activists with information on absentee voting in their state:

Election Day is coming up, and you want to make sure all of your supporters have what they need to vote absentee if they aren’t able to physically get to the polls. Now, you can send every activist on your list information on absentee voting in their state, all in one go.

Here’s how you might do that:

First, create a CSV file relating your field (key) to your content (value). Here’s an example of what that CSV might look like:

A screenshot of an example personalization dataset CSV upload.

Upload your CSV, give it a title, and select the field your upload is based on — in this example, state.

Create a Ladder that’s triggered by a mobile message asking for an activist’s zip code. Set the next rung as a Wait & Store, so that each activist’s response will be added to their activist profile. Your next rung will be a mobile message containing your new clip, which was automatically created through a personalization dataset, and might look something like this:

Hi {{ FirstName | default: ‘Friend’ }}, here’s where to find information on absentee voting in {{ StateFull | us_state_full | default: ‘your state’ }}: [your new clip] -Jeff, Action Network stop2quit

Your activists will receive a mobile message that’s personalized with their name, state, and resources specific to their state. Something like this:

Hi Mark, here’s where to find information on absentee voting in Alaska: -Jeff, Action Network stop2quit

We’re super excited to see the ways you’ll use Personalization Datasets to supercharge your digital mobilization program!

Want to dig into the details? Check out our documentation here.