Our full suite of Action Network tools — Petitions, Events, Email, Mobile Messaging, and more — empowers you to reach and mobilize your supporters all over the world.

A strategic digital program is a key way many progressive organizations engage people around critical social and political issues, but we know that in many organizations, branding is not always the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe it’s been too time consuming or too unwieldy to build strong branding into your actions. But your nonprofit organization needs branding too!

In the transactional sense, your organization is not selling anything. You’re telling the world what you believe and what you envision for the future: in the hopes of gaining followers, funding, awareness, influence, and ultimately, positive progressive change.

I’m happy to tell you that we’ve made it easier than ever to create a seamless, fully branded digital experience with Action Network.

A screenshot of a voter registration action from Women’s March Foundation.
An example of a page wrapper on a Women’s March Foundation action. Link

If your organization has an established brand and identity, you may already know that Action Network partners can design custom page wrappers for actions. This means that your Forms, Letter Campaigns, Events, and Fundraisers can all have the same look and feel as your website. In addition to wrapping the page in your design, you can now create a fully branded experience using custom URLs!

It’s easy to get started with your own custom URL, and you don’t need to know or use any code.

Once you’ve added a custom URL (or multiple URLs) to your partnership, all you’ll need to do is add a custom wrapper to an action, and the links will automatically update to a URL of your choice, such as action.yourorganization.org/petition or yourorganization.act.org/petition —instead of the default actionnetwork.org/petition. Also, with custom short links for mobile and custom links for actions, you can now create a custom URL for any action you wish to share on email, mobile messaging, social media, and more.

Once you’ve added a custom URL to your partnership, all you’ll need to do is add a custom wrapper to an action, and the links will automatically update to a URL of your choice.

With custom wrappers, embedding, and custom URLs, your organization can now ‘white label’ Action Network.

‘White labeling’ is when a service removes their branding from the end product and instead allows the use of the end user’s branding. This feature is a gamechanger for consultants who manage Action Network accounts for multiple clients and for organizations with large, sophisticated digital programs who want to maintain a consistent brand identity across all their platforms and actions.

You can add custom URLs and custom short links to your Action Network partnership for $200/month each. Note that you must maintain your own domain(s) to use these features.

Are you interested in creating a seamlessly branded experience for your digital program? Email us to get started: join@actionnetwork.org.