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Building integrations to connect all of the tools you use is hard — you have to have the engineering know-how, the product knowledge, and many hours of testing. That’s why we’ve done some of it for you!

Zapier is a tool that lets you build out-of-the-box integrations by connecting two apps (like Google Forms and Action Network) so you can seamlessly send data from one app to the other. That means no more uploading, updating, or groaning necessary (and no need to hire a developer to build a custom integration).

With the newly updated Zapier integration, in addition to being able to subscribe activists and record them as having filled out a form, you can:

  • Send petition signatures to Action Network
  • Send event RSVPs to Action Network
  • Create or find new fundraisers
  • Send donations to Action Network

Can I get a round of applause please?

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This snazzy new update will let you send Eventbrite signups as RSVPs, record rows on a Google Sheet as petition signatures, and even send in donations from another tool, like DonorBox or Paypal.

You can see a full list of apps that connect with Zapier here. There’s over 3000, so you’re bound to find something that works for you. Happy zapping!

Seriously, there are a lot. Explore the full list here:

What would you like Action Network to integrate with? Or do you want to integrate with Action Network? Let me know!