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Here at Action Squared, we build tech for the movement, by the movement, in a sustainable never-for-profit structure. That means we don’t need big outside investors, and we can stay laser-focused on powering progressive organizations. Maybe you already use Action Network and are impressed by how easy (and inexpensive!) it is to send mass email, mass text, and create online actions and events. Or maybe you already use Action Builder, our tool built from the ground up by and for organizers that’s incredibly easy to use.

Now, we’re excited to announce you can use these two tools together, to make your organization more sustainable, more powerful, and create a bigger impact.

As our Executive Director Brian Young pointed out in a blog post a couple weeks ago, we’ve always known that mobilizing folks through email, text message and viral digital tactics ideally goes hand-in-hand with building power and structure in person and on the ground.

A person signing a petition is good, a person sharing that petition with their friends is better, but a person plugging into your organization and working with their neighbors and community to affect change is best.

To folks working in our progressive movement, that ideal outcome can sound really hard. How do you build structure for your volunteers with limited staff and limited time? How do you ensure all your data flows where it needs to go to be effective? Our Action Network & Action Builder integration is all about making it easier than ever to build a program with breadth *and* depth.

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Here are the basics:

  1. Someone signed up for an event, or signed a petition on Action Network? Now you can make your activists info appear ‘magically’ in Action Builder, where your volunteers and organizers can follow up with them one-on-one.
  2. Easily assign the right work to the right people using our Action Builder ‘tasks’ feature. Quickly and easily debrief how the work is going with clear visibility into what’s happening and what’s not.
  3. After the follow up happens, make sure your new activists get tailored, *automated* emails and mobile messages from Action Network that reflect their growing engagement.
  4. Did someone start donating? Go the extra mile signing all your petitions? Keep that Action Network information handy in Action Builder as your organizers engage with them in person (or long distance).

And that’s just one of the many many workflows you can custom build using these two tools together. Are you a labor union? Digital authorization cards in Action Network will change the way you build a unit from the ground up. Are you a community group? Get ready to build a sustainable fundraising program that practically runs itself!

You can sign up to use Action Network here and Action Builder here. Want to learn more? Sign up here to download your free Build Power Tool Integration Guide, which shows you how to use the new Action Network and Action Builder Integration to get the most out of your mobilizing and organizing efforts.

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And don’t miss the Build Power 2021 convening, where we’ll be digging into how folks are using Action Builder to build change and what this integration means for them! Sign up here to learn more and RSVP.

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We’re movement owned and movement built, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our not-for-profit, mission-driven partner community.