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How do you keep track of your organization’s email deliverability? Do you know where your email program stands in terms of open rate, click rate, spam rate, and other important deliverability metrics?

Deliverability is your email arriving in the inbox of the recipient as intended (not the spam folder), and it’s extremely important to understand and track your email deliverability over time. Our new Deliverability Dashboard makes it easier than ever for you to keep tabs on your organization’s deliverability stats over time.

“Improving your email deliverability isn’t just something that ‘would be nice to do’. Good email deliverability is critical to your mission.”

Action Network’s Deliverability Guide

The Deliverability Dashboard is a new feature found at the top of the Email tab on your Group Manage Page. 

A screenshot of the Emails page on Action Network showing the new Weekly Stats breakdown in the Deliverability Dashboard.
Click on the ‘Emails’ tab in your Action Network Group to see this Weekly Stats breakdown.

We created this dashboard to give you a snapshot of your email program’s deliverability over the last 7 days. If a stat appears in green, you’re doing excellent by that metric. If it appears in yellow, that metric is at an average performance level. And a consistently red stat indicates you may want to update your deliverability practices. 

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A couple important notes:

  • To dive into email performance of specific sends or periods of time, download your email stats at the bottom of the emails tab.
  • These color ratings are suggestions, as every group’s list behaves differently. 
  • It’s normal for these metrics to fluctuate. For example, some metrics may dip into the red from time to time and shouldn’t be cause for concern. Over time, you’ll be able to see what your list’s baseline is. 

You can click on a metric to see more details about that metric, toggle the date range, and sort results by email domain, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.

A screenshot of the Deliverability Dashboard showing open statistics for all email domains from November 6, 2022 to February 12, 2023.
Click on a metric to see a detailed breakdown of the metric over time.
A screenshot of the Deliverability Dashboard showing unsubscribe statistics for Gmail users from January 1, 2023 to January 28, 2023.
Set a custom date range to analyze a metric week-by-week, and choose results based on email domain.

What if some of your stats start to dip into the red? Want to try to improve from yellow to green? Have you identified a specific recipient email domain that seems to perform differently from the others?

You can find answers to all of these questions in our Deliverability Guide! This guide will discuss what deliverability is and how it works as well as strategies to improve (or maintain) your deliverability. Click here to check out the guide!

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