A photo of Tris

The Action Network team helps to build and maintain the technology you use every day to mobilize and organize. We are on the other end of your email when you have questions and need support. We’re there to help you learn more about unique approaches to partnerships. We’re there to help you adopt and utilize our tools through training and help documentation. 

Action Network is comprised of a diverse group of change agents dedicated to helping progressives build power and win campaigns.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting some of our amazing female team members.

5 Questions for Tris

DevOps and Security Engineer

Question 1: What’s your Action Network origin story?

Before I joined Action Network, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could be making more of an impact with my work. Separately, I started paying very close attention to the way my city government operated and got very interested in the mechanics of how small local progressive groups lobbied the city council to make change. When I saw an opening at Action Network, I did some research, realized that a few local orgs already used the toolset, and it immediately clicked for me that doing this work here could make a huge difference.

Question 2: What is your favorite thing about working at Action Network?

We have a very narrow focus. Our tech is used to build unions, get progressives elected, and push public policy to the left. I never have to worry that it’ll be used to do the opposite.

Question 3: How would you describe what you do to your friends and family?

Our organization makes digital tools to help progressives organize and win. I make sure our engineers have the technical resources they need to do their jobs, help make their work available to our partners, and generally keep the tools online and running smoothly.

Question 4: What sea creature does the original Action Network logo look most like??

Definitely a starfish.

Question 5: What genre of movies do you enjoy watching?

Really anything, although these days I spend more time watching video essays about niche history than regular films!

A little more about Tris:

I recently moved to the greater Boston area, but North Alabama still feels like home sometimes (when I’m not working on Action Network, I do volunteer work for ALTRAC, an organization fighting for queer and transgender equality in Alabama). In my free time, you’ll probably find me riding trains, taking pictures, or visiting radio towers – sometimes all three at the same time.