The Action Network team helps to build and maintain the technology you use every day to mobilize and organize. We are on the other end of your email when you have questions and need support. We’re there to help you learn more about unique approaches to partnerships. We’re there to help you adopt and utilize our tools through training and help documentation. 

Action Network is comprised of a diverse group of change agents dedicated to helping progressives build power and win campaigns.

As we mark the 10th anniversary of Action Network, we wanted to take you behind the tools and logo to learn a little more about our amazing team.

5 Questions for Pouya

Controller (he/him)

Question 1: What’s your Action Network origin story?

Back in 2017, I joined as a collaborator. Seeing the real, tangible impact of our work firsthand inspired me. So, when the big moment arrived in 2023 to join full-time, I couldn’t resist. I just had to be a part of something that felt so deeply meaningful.

Question 2: What is your favorite thing about working at Action Network?

The nonprofit world is truly rewarding. Instead of chasing profits, we’re dedicated to causes we deeply care about, striving to make a genuine impact. There’s a huge sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing our partners win and achieve their goals.  It’s a feeling of shared success that you just don’t get in many other places. Plus, working within a team that values respect and professionalism makes the entire experience even more positive.

Question 3: How would you describe what you do to your friends and family?

You know how a quarterback leads the team on the football field, making sure everyone plays their part, and the game runs smoothly? Well, think of an accounting controller as the quarterback of a company’s financial team. We’re responsible for overseeing all the financial plays, ensuring everything adds up correctly, and keeping the financial game plan on track. We handle things like budgeting, financial reporting, and making sure all the numbers are accurate and in line with regulations. Basically, we’re the ones who keep the company financially healthy and on track to win the long game!

Question 4: What sea creature does the original Action Network logo look most like?

It’s a mystery but it kind of looks like a few dolphins swimming together.

Question 5: What genre of movies do you enjoy watching?

Thrillers, suspense, and mysteries are some of the most engaging genres for me.

“The Accountant” (for obvious reasons) is a hidden gem.

“The Irishman” is a Scorsese masterpiece (watched it four times!). 

“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

“The Usual Suspects”

Those movies definitely kept me guessing with their twisty plots and complex characters.

A little more about Pouya:

My love for puzzles definitely translates into my career as an accountant. There’s a similar thrill in both piecing together information, finding the missing pieces, and making sure everything fits perfectly. Seeing the final, accurate picture after careful work is incredibly satisfying.

When I’m not wrestling with financial puzzles, I love spending quality time with my family. Travel is also a passion and the opportunity to explore new places and cultures whenever possible.

Let’s not forget hockey! As a New York Rangers fan, with 82 games in the season and the chance for a Stanley Cup win, there is always something to watch on TV from October to April.