Mark posing with Jamie Edwards, President of Trader Joe's United

The Action Network team helps to build and maintain the technology you use every day to mobilize and organize. We are on the other end of your email when you have questions and need support. We’re there to help you learn more about unique approaches to partnerships. We’re there to help you adopt and utilize our tools through training and help documentation. 

Action Network is comprised of a diverse group of change agents dedicated to helping progressives build power and win campaigns.

As we mark the 10th anniversary of Action Network, we wanted to take you behind the tools and logo to learn a little more about our amazing team.

5 Questions for Mark

Founder and Chair of the Board

Question 1: What’s your Action Network origin story?

I was a union organizing director for 30 years working down South to help
create one of the labor movement’s most successful organizing programs. In 2011, I became involved with the Occupy Wall Street movement and saw how activists were using technology, which totally inspired me about the
possibilities. I began talking with Brian Young (now Action Network’s
Executive Director) and, with the support of the labor movement, we created the Corporate Action Network, whose mission was to level the playing field between corporations and people by creating digital tools that could be used by activists. From there Action Network evolved, and the rest is history.

Question 2: What is your favorite thing about working at Action Network?

The staff of Action Network are a dedicated, smart team of activists who have taken our vision and made it available to thousands of organizations, creating a world class organization that is creating unparalleled impact. Without this dedicated group of professionals the reality of the Action Network would not be possible. Working with this team everyday, watching their development and their commitment to the organization is my favorite part of working at the Action Network.

Question 3: How would you describe what you do to your friends and family?

My friends and family have lived my organizing passion and have watched as the dream of Action Network has unfolded, building the tools that help create historic change, from the Women’s March in 2016 to labor struggles,
grassroots efforts, and so much more. When I meet new people, I tell them we create world class digital tools that power today’s movements.

Question 4: What sea creature does the original Action Network logo look most like?

I never understood what that was—my partner has always thought it was a
pod of Dolphins.

Question 5: In which order did you see Barbie and Oppenheimer?

Barbie, then Oppenheimer. Barbie was better!

A little more about Mark:

Mark loves the freedom of working remotely. With his partner, Mark splits his time between Downeast Maine, Manhattan, and New Orleans – and spends as much time with his two incredible sons as they allow. He is a voracious reader of non-fiction books and volunteers with Food AND Medicine, a community organization in Maine.