The Action Network team helps to build and maintain the technology you use every day to mobilize and organize. We are on the other end of your email when you have questions and need support. We’re there to help you learn more about unique approaches to partnerships. We’re there to help you adopt and utilize our tools through training and help documentation. 

Action Network is comprised of a diverse group of change agents dedicated to helping progressives build power and win campaigns.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting some of our amazing female team members.

5 Questions for Leslie

Chief Operating Officer

Question 1: What’s Your Action Network Origin Story?

I’ve spent 20 years working in progressive movements. It all started when we won a door-to-door organizing campaign on a recycling bill by 14 votes (when I was in college).  My last job was President of Union Plus, which was a blast! There, I ran a business that provided benefits, scholarships, and assistance to union members, and it was a great foundation for working at Action Network.  Here, as COO, I get to spend time on the long-term sustainability of the organization, as well as “keep the trains running,” as my colleagues would say.

Question 2: What’s your favorite thing about working at Action Network?

This is probably the first organization I’ve worked in where there is a “no blame, no shame” culture. The entire staff works collaboratively in thinking through new ways of inclusion, and I am always in learning mode.  Finally, working remotely and showcasing our kids, dogs, and cats in the Slack channel!

Question 3: How would you describe what you do to your friends and family?

Ways to lull my family to sleep using COO keywords: Sustainability, Risk Management, Dashboards, OKRs, Efficiency, Productivity, Compliance.

Question 4: What sea creature does the original Action Network logo look most like?

Since 2021, we’ve had a beautiful new logo , that reminds me of moving forward with 3 elements: people, power, and change.  

Question 5: What genre of movies do you enjoy watching?

Typically, dystopian movies (think Poor Things, anything Wes Anderson). Well-done musicals (think Moulin Rouge, An American in Paris) and Turner Movie Classics on a rainy day.

A little more about Leslie:

Leslie is an avid graphic novel fan and wrote an organizing graphic novel, called When the Rules Aren’t Right. Living in DC, she spends time as a hospice volunteer and has recently completed her Death Doula certification. She’s also an avid yogi and loves the flexibility of remote work to do yoga during breaks.