At Action Network, we focus on doing one thing and doing it well: digital mobilization. But your program’s focus is probably wider than that. You need your donation tracking, peer-to-peer, and phone banking tools (and so many more) in order to do your job. Which is my job, helping you bring your digital program together!

As the Engineering Partnerships Manager at Action Network, I work with our Integration Partners to build connections between the systems that you use. I love that the work I do empowers organizations to get more out of their programs.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about four new integrations: Hubspot, ThruText, CallHub FastClick Dialer, and DonorBox!

(Want to see the full list of systems we integrate with? Click here.)

Hubspot via BlueLink

Hubspot logo

Sometimes the CRM-y features that Action Network offers aren’t quite enough for what you need. That’s why we integrate with other CRMs (see a full list here). Hubspot is now one of those CRMs, and it allows you to do everything from marketing to donation tracking to content management. One of our partners, VoteAmerica, is using Hubspot to send their ActBlue AND check/ACH donation data to Action Network! *chef’s kiss*

To get started with the Action Network <> Hubspot integration, contact BlueLink.

ThruText via BlueLink

Thrutext logo

This integration has been asked for countless times, and now here it is. ThruText is a leading peer-to-peer texting platform that allows you to connect with members, supporters, and volunteers. The integration will send data to Action Network, allow people to opt-in, and even record the last time a volunteer sent a text. While peer-to-peer is still around, we might as well take advantage!

To get started with the Action Network <> ThruText integration, contact BlueLink.

Side note — BlueLink is an awesome tool that connects progressive tools so that you can easily move data between platforms. No more downloading/updating/uploading files manually. They’re building new connections all the time. Some of their existing connections include Mobilize America, ThruTalk, Phone2Action, and more!

CallHub FastClick Dialer

CallHub logo

CallHub’s FastClick dialer uses human intervention to initiate all calls, making it TCPA and FCC compliant (hooray!). With intelligent queuing and call routing, the FastClick dialer is able to achieve extraordinarily fast speeds that can match and outpace most automated dialers. Since all calls made through the FastClick dialer are TCPA compliant, it also removes the cost of analyzing your lists to check if a number is landline or mobile.

CallHub’s FastClick dialer also syncs with Action Network lists, people, events, and surveys to keep your data updated on both platforms.

To get started with CallHub’s FastClick Dialer, contact CallHub.

DonorBox via Zapier

Donorbox logo

Ever wanted to accept donations via Apple Pay, ACH, Google Pay, or PayPal? Enter DonorBox! If you use DonorBox for fundraising, you can integrate with Action Network to subscribe those activists to your Action Network email list through Zapier. This is great if you want to take donations via a method other than credit cards.

To get started with DonorBox, set up a zap on Zapier.

What would you like Action Network to integrate with? Or do you want to integrate with Action Network? Let me know!