With the landscape of digital tools constantly changing, your email and mobile messaging tool needs to be flexible. Here at Action Network, we pride ourselves on our tool’s flexibility. We integrate with other tools, have a fully-featured API, and provide fully customizable, embeddable widgets for our actions. With more than 30 integrations, you can make the most out of your digital program with Action Network.

I’m excited to add three new integrations to the list! These integrations will improve your post-action sharing, help you gain new subscribers, and automate data flow. A drumroll please, for SpeechifAI, CivicShout, and n8n!

(See the full list of systems we integrate with here.)


The logo for SpeechifAI.

Ever wondered if your post-action thank you pages could be more effective? Want to generate more shares of your petition? Hint: You can with SpeechifAI.

SpeechifAI helps you craft your message, share it online, and amplify it to reach the largest audience possible. You can use their AI-powered writing assistant to perfect your call-to-action and social media posts that activists are redirected to after taking action. Their thoughtfully designed social toolkits garner more shares, and more shares means more action takers.

As part of the integration, each Action Network action can be associated with a SpeechifAI campaign. This changes the thank you redirect page to the SpeechifAI campaign page and adds the snazzy SpeechifAI email embed to the auto-response email. This happens automatically when you select a campaign on the Sharing and Tracking tab — all you have to do is sit back and watch the post-action shares roll in on your SpeechifAI dashboard.

A screenshot of a SpeechifAI thank you page featuring a photo of Axel the dog wearing a bumble bee costume.

Get set up now with SpeechifAI here, and set up the Action Network integration with these instructions.

And sign up here to attend our post-action sharing training with SpeechifAI at 2:00 pm ET on Wednesday, June 22.

A screenshot of a SpeechifAI thank you redirect page featuring Axel the dog wearing a bumble bee costume.

Civic Shout

The Civic Shout logo

Civic Shout is an exciting new platform progressive groups and Democratic campaigns can use to grow their opt-in email communities with fired-up new supporters. By hosting your petition on CivicShout, your petition is highlighted to potential supporters, who have the opportunity to sign your petition with one-click. This opts them in to your Action Network email list, and they’re recorded as taking action on that petition in Action Network.

We love Civic Shout because it’s a great way to grow your opt-in email and mobile list. As you know, Action Network only lets you email people who have opted-in to hear from you (boo list buying). Civic Shout makes it easy to earn as many as 3,000 new, engaged, opted-in subscribers each month, without the pain of Facebook ads and list rentals.

Get started with Civic Shout here, and check out how to set up the integration here. And check out our webinar here.

Screenshots showing Civic Shout petitions.


Building integrations to connect all of the tools you use is hard — you have to have the engineering know-how, the product knowledge, and many hours of testing. Luckily, our friends at n8n have taken care of some of this for you! You can now connect Action Network to more than 220 apps with n8n to build complex automation workflows.

With n8n you can move beyond simple integrations to build multi-step workflows that combine both 3rd party APIs and your own internal tools to create easy-to-use automations. Thanks to its fair-code distribution model, n8n will always have visible source code, be available to self-host, be completely free to use, and allows you to add your own custom functions, logic, and apps.

Check out n8n here.

As always, you can check out our full list of integrations (now up to 30+!) here.

Want to integrate with Action Network? Sign up for our developers program here.